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2023 T-Shirt Design Winner

Aldo Luna

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About  Aldo

Aldo Luna is best known for his Artworks of natural & cosmological figures made through digital painting, 3D modeling, Motion Graphics, VR, & more. Based out of Miami, Aldo uses his background in traditional art, Film studies, computer animation, & music production to create imaginative explorations of the Universes around us.

Aldo studied Fine Art & Film at the Design & Architecture Senior High (DASH), traditional 3D art at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), & received a Bachelors of Science at Full Sail University for Computer Animation.

Having worked at many art galleries, museums, and trained as an apprentice under various artists, Aldo now shares his knowledge by devoting part of his time to instructing workshops and classes to young enthusiastic learners.


My art is inspired by the wonders of the Multiverse and the role humans play within its infinite space. I try to personify the cosmos and our planet while showcasing patterns and parallels that connect the Macro to the Micro. I know nothing of the nature of existence but I'm eager to pursue some form understanding as I trust intuition to guide my pen. I hope to inspire others to appreciate nature and marvel at the beauty that surrounds our feet and adorns our skies.


Infinite MOONs represents the vast and infinite amounts of ideas, styles, and possibilities that can be explored; Therefore, one of my artist missions is to attempt many mediums and techniques as well as collaborate with other talented individuals in pursuit of unraveling fascinating concepts.

Aldo Luna,
Digital Multimedia Creative

Infinite MOONs LLC.

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