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the Fund 4 Design
& Art Education

The AMAZING SKETCHBOOK AWARD encourages emerging art students who are nominated by their teachers. In order to encourage artistic excitement and improvement, each award winner receives his or her sketchbook, certificate and art supplies at one of the many M-DCPS student art shows. 


You can donate $10 or more to the AMAZING SKETCHBOOK PROJECT and encourage a child to CREATE!


Find out how to nominate one of your students by clicking here. 

the Miami prize

The mission of the Miami Prize is to honor one outstanding Miami-Dade County Public School senior year visual art student in order to encourage and promote the continuation of their pursuit of excellence.


The purpose of this program is to recognize an outstanding young artist each year. The importance of the Prize lies in its recognition, which far outweighs the monetary gift that accompanies it. The Miami Prize is awarded directly to the student to help foster financial responsibility.

This is a $3,000 cash award. The deadline for applying for this award is February 28th. Please click here to find out more.

the fund 4 design

& art education


The Fund 4 Design & Art Education seeks to further the creative development of art students by providing art materials, guidance, and financial assistance.


The fund awards scholarships in the amount of $1,000 to at least five students every year. So far we have awarded over $25,000 in scholarships.


There are three ways you can help. Our kids need your time and expertise, your in-kind donations, and your patronage. You can adopt an art kid or donate to the the fund.


Find out how to nominate one of your students by clicking here.


Graffiti of Woman with Glasses

The Jackie Hinchey-Sipes Career Service Award

(Aligns with FAEA Career Service Award)


This award was created to honor a dedicated and creative woman devoted to innovation in art education.  Jackie was renowned as a superior teacher, an outstanding art supervisor, and then the visionary district director for the Department of Visual and Performing Arts of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools.  Jackie founded Design and Architecture Senior High and served as its first principal.  Jackie served as president of both the Dade Art Education Association (DAEA) and the Florida Art Education Association.  A few brief months following her retirement in 1995, Jackie lost her life in a tragic automobile accident. Dade Art Educators is determined to preserve and honor Jackie’s legacy. This award is for those individuals who have demonstrated a career of professional commitment to the field of art education. Membership in DAEA is required. If the candidate is a member of FAEA, their name will be submitted to FAEA for an award nomination. Candidates must be able to meet all the following criteria.


  • Demonstrated outstanding teaching.

  • Active participation in DAEA at the local level or state level.

  • Development of an outstanding program

  • Worthwhile contributions regarding local, state, or national conferences in designing workshops, panels, presentations, curriculum or media events.

  • History of advocacy and leadership in advancing the cause of art education.

 The Skevy Rallis award

These three awards will be presented to an Elementary, Middle and Senior High Art Educator who has done an outstanding job in their class room, promoting student successes, and for art education in a Miami Dade County school.  


The namesake of this award, Skevy Ralis was passionate in her contributions to her student's art education and her support of our profession.  A professional photographer and wonderful teacher, Skevy inspired her students to achieve beyond their years.  she was a tireless champion for the arts, our spokesperson, our union activist, the one who never backed down to keep the art programs viable.  Skevy kept everyone involved whether from her position as an inspiring teacher,  committee chair, or as President of Dade Art Educators.  She had a tremendous zest for life and characteristically fought the cruel disease that ultimately took her away from all of us.

Chalkboard Drawings

The Sara T. Maddox Support of Art Education Award

(Align with FAEA Friend of Art Education Award)


This award was created to honor a dedicated and talented lady, Sara T. Maddox.  She was one of the first Region Art Specialists, serving in the southwest area of Miami-Dade County. 

She helped write the Curriculum, Curriculart and when she retired to her native Texas, Dade Art Educators wanted to make sure that she would always be remembered.  This award is to be presented to an individual, institution or an organization who has provided significant support and/or service for art education in Florida. Membership is not required for this award. Past recipients of this award include: Rubell Family Collection, Anhinga Clay Studios, The Bakehouse Arts Complex, Dr. Clem Pennington, Betsy Kaplan, Miami-Dade County School Board, Dorothy Green, Dade County Watercolor Society, Pat Reams, Dade County PTA/PTSA, The Baccardi Corporation, Wanda Texon, Bass Museum of Art, and Ocean Bank.

Giving a Presentation

The Paul Heithaus Outstanding Administrator Award

(Established 2007)

(Align with FAEA Principal/Admin of the Year Award)



This award seeks to honor the memory of Paul Heithaus, esteemed colleague, art teacher extraordinaire, M-DCPS personnel staff member and South Miami Elementary Assistant Principals for his unselfish work with children, teachers, administrators, and members of the community.  Paul was a generous colleague. He opened his magnificent home to his school, to the art education association and to other community groups for splendid parties.  He made everyone feel at home. He had a distinct way of connecting with troubled children. Paul always gave them his full attention and soothed their troubles. He personally funded visiting artists to perform at his school. To this day when Paul’s name is mentioned, a wide smile spreads across teachers’ faces and their eyes sparkle with tears. And they say, “There was no one like Paul.” It is our hope that his memory lives on through this award. This award is presented to an outstanding principal/administrator who has done an excellent job in contributing or improving Art Education in M-DCPS. Membership is not required for this award.

Distinguished Service Award

(Align with FAEA Distinguished Service Award)


This award is for the most professional individuals in the field of art education. Candidates must be members of DAEA and FAEA and in good standing for a minimum of five consecutive years and must meet all the following criteria. Past recipients include the following: Beth S. Goldstein 2015, Dorothy Greene 2012, Ruth A. Alperin 2003 and Scott McKinley 1998.


Retired Art Educator Award

(Align with FAEA Retiree Award)


This award recognizes those individuals who have been retired at least 2 years with continuous achievements in art education such as teaching workshops, staying active in local and state organizations and mentoring new teachers.


Dr. Clem Pennington Lifetime Achievement Award

(Established 2009)

(Align with FAEA Lifetime Achievement Award)


The Dr. Clem Pennington Lifetime Achievement Award was created to recognize a lifetime of excellence in an individual in the field of or related to Art Education. This award recognizes those individuals who have demonstrated long-standing state/national work on behalf of art education. The individual selected can be currently practicing in Miami-Dade County or retired. Organizations may also be selected. Since its inception in 2008, Dr. Clem Pennington has chosen and designed this award to reflect those individual recipients including the following: Evelyn Davila (2015), Bill Choido (2014), Dorothy Greene (2013), Betsey Kaplan (2012), Dr. Margaret Miller Pelton (2011), Helen Donnell (2010), and Ray Azcuy (2009).

President’s Award

The President’s award was created to honor an important contribution given by an individual or an organization who has supported the current president to achieve his/her goals for the good of the organization during his/her term in office. This award recognizes those individuals or organizations who have supported and helped to advance art education in M-DCPS. Past recipients include the following: Mari Robles (Knight Curator of School Programs, PAMM 2015), Dr. Wilbert Tee Holloway (2014), Patricia Tuttle (2014), John Doyle (2012), Shawnn Wieder (2007), Gustavo Maranchello (2007), and Linda Jeanne Graham (2003).


New Professional Award


This award recognizes individuals in their first three years of teaching art on the elementary, middle or high school level. This award is intended to recognize excellence among new art educators based on their success in student teaching and in their first 3 years of teaching.


Criteria includes:

·         Active in local and state art teacher associations

·         Successful promotion of school advocacy and school programs

·         Active participation in student exhibitions

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