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Visual Arts: Pulling at the Threads of Social Discourse-The Quilt-Coral Gables Museum and DAEA

Session Code: 2-000-325 Session: 6332

March 26, 2021

In this virtual workshop sponsored by the Coral Gables Museum and the Dade Art Educators, participants will push the boundaries of the quilt. This art quilting course will explore traditional quilting techniques and some historical content but will mostly concentrate on the art quilt. The art quilt uses original concepts or ideas rather than the traditional "pattern” handed down through generations. It experiments with textile manipulation, color, texture and/or a diversity of mixed media. Led by Miami artist Aurora Molina, the hands on workshop presents exploratory techniques and a short overview of the AIDS Memorial Quilt. Participants who register before March 12 will receive a set of free quilt rulers (registrations are time stamped). Materials suggested are scraps of fabrics that are recycled, fabric scissors, needle, and thread. Teachers are invited to participate in the creation of a small panel for the Aids Quilt. For more information on how to participate please contact or (subject-AIDS Memorial Quilt). The workshop is sponsored by the Coral Gables Museum, DAEA and the Ocean Bank Educational Materials

Visual Arts: DAEA, Cultural Appropriation in the Art Room

Led  by Francesca Levi, New Professional Art Educator awardee from NAEA and co-founder of Anti Racist Art Teacher Association.


Session Code: 2-000-325 Session: 6330

Program: District Sponsored PD

Activity Owner/Manager: XENIA ALVARENGA  -

Location: Online Virtual (Internet, FL) -

Audience: K-12 Visual Arts,

Dates:Mar 26, 2021


1 Meeting(s)

In the art room, teachers often do projects centered around the diverse cultures from around the world. From recreating African masks using cardboard to teaching weaving by creating Native American dreamcatchers, many projects intended to enrich students understanding of other cultures can do more harm than good. How can we teach our students about the art and traditions from around the globe in a respectful way that avoids misrepresentation? In this session, art teachers will learn best practices for avoiding cultural appropriation in the art room. We will discuss the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation and how to teach about diverse cultures in a respectful way that avoids harmful stereotypes and misrepresentation. We will explore how using living artists to teach students about diverse cultures helps better present cultures in an authentic and respectful way. We will examine common mistakes art teachers make that can lead to cultural appropriation such as recreating cultural artifacts or sacred and ceremonial objects. The goal of this workshop is to help art teachers teach about diverse cultures in a way that avoids appropriation and misrepresentation, is authentic and helps students question their assumptions and gain a better understanding of diverse cultures.


This workshop is open to Dade Art Educators Members  


Online Workshop

Visual Arts: DAEA, Representation Matters

Session Code: 2-000-325 Session: 6329

Program: District Sponsored PD

Activity Owner/Manager: XENIA ALVARENGA  -

Location: Online Virtual (Internet, FL) -

Audience: K-12 Visual Arts

Dates:  Mar 26, 2021)


1 Meeting(s)

Think about the artists most frequently taught through the study of art history. Artists like Michelangelo, Matisse, Picasso, Andy Warhol- have something in common: they are white men. The goal of this workshop is to help art teachers diversify their curriculum and gain a better understanding of why diverse representation is important in any art curriculum. Teachers will learn the concept of windows and mirrors to better understand how a diverse curriculum can enrich the learning of ALL students. Teachers will also learn about many diverse, contemporary artists that can be easily incorporated into their curriculum, as well as how to continuously find new diverse artists to introduce in their classrooms.  


This workshop is open to Dade Art Educators Members  


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